Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Time is Approaching!

Hello friends! This whole concept of blogging is a new one for me... in saying such, I apologize in advance if the page is not always up-to-date!

For now, I will say that I am getting quite excited about this semester! I just returned from Choluteca, Honduras, this past Saturday. What an incredible time. Could talk for hours, if you wish to listen!

Otherwise, I'm spending much time studying for the DAT currently. Enjoying the science, but sometimes it's a bit tedious.

Soon I'll be on a southbound plane to begin the adventure of a lifetime!!

On February 11th, I depart for Sydney, Australia! I will be seeing the city and hosteling-it-up for several days with some great friends. On February 16th, mid-afternoon, I will arrive in Auckland, New Zealand!! I am going to be studying at the University of Auckland until late June. Yes, I'm very excited. Yes, a bit nervous. And no, I don't know anyone studying at U of A. Wow.

So that reveals the purpose of this blog. To keep in touch with lovely family and friends, encouraging me to update and share the experiences that I encounter over the next 5 months. I will do my best to stay in contact, and hope that you are able to enjoy a few pictures, stories, and thoughts that I share on this blog.

That is all for now. I wish you a lovely day. <3