Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The toilet flushed as I sat down.

The day has been a bit like this title: unexpected, ironic, and not always what you plan.

Flight from STL to LAX was cancelled... caught the next one, two hours later. Had great bonding time with new and old lovely friends! :-) Sat by a gentleman from Egypt on the way to LA. Great conversation and very interesting.

Then... the change in arrival time in LA caused me to not be able to confirm my connecting flight. So (while in STL) we went ahead and changed my LA to Sydney flight to tomorrow... at 10:13 PM. I get to stay in LA for a day with a wonderful family (relatives of one of the girls who is traveling with us!). Upon arriving at the airport in LA, we found out that the other 5 girls have tickets that have not been correctly confirmed for LA to Sydney... they are now on a flight to Brisbane and then on to Sydney. Will arrive around 9 AM on Friday, I believe. Crazy! But one of the girls is confirmed and headed directly to Sydney currently... gracious.

So I'm now at the family's home. We went to Jack in the Box to get a tasty (and gigantic) strawberry banana smoothie! Super fun! :-)

I believe that's all for now. Will fly out tomorrow night, arrive in Sydney on Valentine's Day around 7:50 AM (supposedly), and will have a blast! Let's hope I don't get lost... :-)

Oh, and too bad my brother's not in LA today... He's (ironically) in Missouri visiting me instead. :-( Strange!

G'night, friends!


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time on the beach in LA. Enjoy the rest of your day. Have a great flight tonight and enjoy your two fun-filled days in Syndey.

  2. Well hopefully you arrived in Sydney today...I hope to read some great blog entries soon!

  3. Hope your arrival in Auckland is amazing. We are looking forward to seeing all of your pictures and hearing all about your time in Sydney.