Wednesday, July 1, 2009

*Welcome Home, You*

The first thing I did in LA was... try to walk UP the down escalator... why did America switch sides on me?! :-P


I'm HOME!!!!!!! Back to the humidity and heat of Mid-Missouri. *sigh* It's a nice feeling, I must say. :-) It was super fantastic to meet my parents and sister at STL Lambert International! Hooray! Then headed straight to Steak'N'Shake for some tasty cheese fries, as per usual. Again, quite nice. Then home home!! Hung out with the crazy dogs and cats for a bit!!! AMAZING!!! I think they may have missed me a bit, aye?!

So here I sit, at home on my computer, in my room. Just had El Jimador and Sno Biz. Classic Jefferson City. :-D

To bed now, as I'm quite tired! Also... drove on the RIGHT side of the road today, although I turned on the windshield wipers three times in an attempt to turn on my blinker... yikes!

No more for now! Best wishes for a lovely day, wherever you may be. :-) <3


  1. Welcome home Erin. Glad you had a great and safe adventure. Be sure to write as much as you can about your trip, and label your photos (places and people's names). You might be surprised as to how quickly you will forget the details about things you believe are unforgettable. Or maybe that is just we old people.


  2. Major earthquake in New Zealand this morning. You leave them and everything just starts falling apart. Nice article in the Tribune last night. (Not a very complimentary photo of the native however.)