Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Week at a Glance

Sooo... Just a short note as an update for the week!

Top activities/events of this past week, beginning Friday, 15 May 2009.

*Singing as part of the worship team for OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship).

We're a band. :-)

*Watching SALSA at the Mexican Cafe!!

*Checking out Victoria Park Markets (and the surrounding children's park with a frog!!).

*Going to a (relatively boring, but awesome) Blues vs. Crusaders Rugby Game!!

*Hamilton Gardens and random adventures south of Auckland.

Who knew there were giant pumpkins around in May?!


*WAITOMO CAVES!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh goodness, how lovely! :-) (Pictures and a better description available on Facebook, if you're interested. I would suggest checking it out online as well!)

Something was hillarious! Perhaps the fact that we just got dumped over in the river...

*Being challenged, learning from new experiences such as Waitomo (and working on my fear of heights)!

*J's Backpackers and new international friends in Hamilton.

*Lunch in Albert Park because it was a sunny day!! (They are getting fewer and fewer as winter closes in...)

*Writing a paper... (Ok, maybe that's not too exciting, but it was about surgery!!)

*Flamenco fiesta with cheese, crackers, wine, and... nachos!! And of course dressing up and dancing!!

*Giving a presentation in class for the first time since arrival in Auckland.

*Sweet Impact Group (small group) with OCF on Tuesday evening; dinner at "Angie's Cafe", a Malaysian spot, afterwards!

*STOMP!!!!!! The show was held at the Civic Center here in AKL and was amazing!! Also had dinner at the Viaduct, which was lovely.

*Japanese dinner and "Little Miss Sunshine" with the girls! (Oh, and cookie baking!) :-)

Being unicorns with our chopsticks, clearly!
That's all for now!! Turned out to be a bit more than just merely "highlights", but it's been a nice week. Time to finish my history document analysis and begin the next one! Finals (finals MONTH, to be precise...) are a few weeks away, though there are only two full weeks of class remaining! Crazy!!!!!! Going on a bushwalk/tramp this Saturday with OCF friends and such; should be quite wonderful! The rest of the weekend will be spent studying, researching, and writing. Fun times!

Update again soon! I would love to hear from you if you are reading this. Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail, facebook message, or comment on the blog. :-) Miss you, friends!

Auckland Town Hall as a sand castle. I'm not really sure why...

G'night! <3>


  1. How ironic that your cave photo appears above the bullet about battling a fear of heights. I am sure there must be some subliminal or deep seeded meaning. Or ... maybe it is just a coincidence. Glad to see that you are having a great and memorable time.

  2. Hahaha, I miss you, little one!

    and you WOULD be a chopstick unicorn :P