Saturday, May 16, 2009

When Pigs Fly.

So I was walking to class yesterday (or perhaps two days ago... not exactly sure) I spotted a super awesome t-shirt upon a classmate. It was simply stated, black in color, and rather amusing. It said...

"Pigs don't Fly.
They Flu."


And that was all. I had a nice little chuckle to myself. And yes, the "Swine Flu/H1-N1" did come to Auckland, but it appears as though it's not a concern... No worries.

On a different note, a few friends and I went to the Blues (Auckland) vs. Crusaders (Canterberry) Rugby Game this evening. It was lovely weather, quite mild. We lost by 2 points, which were scored in the last 7 minutes or so of the game... Bummer! On a happy note, we were able to manage the following pictures post-game:

That is all for now! More to follow. Headed to Waitomo Caves tomorrow and will be Black Water Rafting. We shall see how that goes!! :-)

G'night and love you all!

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