Monday, March 16, 2009

The Beauty of the Island

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Flamenco class today!! Taking the class as part of the Uni Rec Center Programs option, and it’s quite exciting! We are going to have a fiesta on the last day of class. Yay! I figure this is a better option than the Monday Night Salsa at Mission Bay… last time I had a rather scary experience, seeing as I went alone and the place was loaded with 40-year-old men… Not the best environment, so needless to say, this Flamenco class is only girls and is also something new and fresh to me!

Now I’m watching “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" while typing. What a lovely movie, eh?! Speaking of movies, several friends came over to my homestay to enjoy a study and movie party yesterday! Watched parts of Dirty Dancing, August Rush, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. And the girls cooked dinner! Tasty, sort of… hahaha! It made me feel like such a local… having friends over to “my house.” Strange.

Otherwise, we are planning on going to the Bay of Islands this weekend! (up north of Auckland, fyi) Very excited!! May try to take a cruise for dolphin watching and to see the infamous “Hole in the Rock” as well as visiting a remote island of sorts. There is also a tramping trail to this supposedly beautiful waterfall. Sweet as! Excited to get out of the city for a bit, so it should be a great time whatever we decide to do. There is always something to do around New Zealand; I only wish I had limitless time and no homework! Camping in Coromandel sounds wonderful right now… Cook Islands. April 6. Here I come! Mid-semester break is sneaking up quickly!!

And with regards to homework… it’s a bit different than Mizzou. There are not the typical “mid-terms” with a test before and after to balance your class points. Rather, we generally have a large paper, perhaps one test, and a final exam mid-June. Should probably get on my essay writing early! Finished my Pacific Music and Dance journal for this section, and need to be working on my GeoFlyer for Geology! That is the new course that I picked up, after freaking out about Spanish and settling for switching classes. Geology of New Zealand: Half a Billion Years on the Edge! We even have a day field trip! Hooray!

Pacifica Festival! I mentioned it previously, but can’t say enough about it! I felt as though I visited eight different islands in one morning. It was incredible! What a lovely and rich culture each of the islands possess. Marvelous.

A taste of New Zealand:
"Ta" --- thank you
Feijoa cereal --- amazing!!
Rubbish bins, lollies, Hokey Pokey, and rugby aplenty!

That’s all for now! Time for sleeping. G’night and love to you.


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