Monday, March 30, 2009

Mmmm... Sulfur!

Yay!! I finally got my camera to load pictures onto the computer! It was a bit questionable for a bit there, but luckily the problem has been avoided at this point. Soooo... this weekend was INCREDIBLE!!! Yes, I have a test tomorrow, so this update will be short and followed in about a days time by a longer, more accurate description of the past few days.

Keeping it short, I visited family friends in the Bay of Plenty for (supposedly) Saturday and Sunday, returning once again a day later than expected, on Monday morning! :-) Had an absolutely LOVELY time!! Rotorua was included as well, with awesome kids along for the day! We had a blast, and I even rolled down a giant hill in a rather giant plastic ball. Sounds ridiculous, which it is! Wonderful Kiwi inventions, I tell you! And that was after watching a sheep show (with pictures of the sheering and such), wandering around Mount Manganui, and enjoying the thermal wonderlands of Te Puia Village. A Maori cultural show was enjoyed as well.

Below are a few picutres of the whorlwind tour of the glorious bay and sulfur-drenched tourist attractions.

The Rotorua Museum.

Baa baa Black Sheep...

The Bay and Mount Manganui.

Dinner at Harbourside with friends!

At the Bay of Plenty.

The village of Matamata, also known as Hobbiton!

Now that's hot mud.


Pohutu Geyser.


Goodnight, amigos.


  1. Neat! I want a picture of you going down the hill in the big plastic ball.
    Also, Hobbiton! Nice! Was it just about the right size for you, little one? ;)

  2. Glad you had an opportunity to visit with friends from the cruise last summer. Hope you et to see Honey and Ivan again. Hobbiton...did you get to see Bilbo? Suggestion...don't go Zorbing again until you get approval from Dr. Oro, although it does sound like an amazing ride. See you April 14. Have a great Easter on Raratonga. We will discuss Singapore...sounds like a great trip.