Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a Wonderful Day!

So I just returned from a wonderful walk up Mount Hobson, which resides nearly 4 minutes from where I live. It was quite a nice hike up the footpath, past cows, trees, and craters. What a beautiful view, indeed!! Certainly more than I expected from a 7 minute walk up a semi-medium sized hill! We could see the city, Mount Eden, One Tree Hill (I think...), and the bay. Went just now, just before sunset. It was a sunny, calm day after the morning downpour; so, needless to say, a great time to do the short hike! Took several (ok, quite a few...) pictures from all around the top crater and then headed back down. At the bottom of the hill, we found a Golden Retriever!! I was super excited, and the dog came over, wagging her tail! :-) Yes, I asked the owner and got to pet the dog! Made my day! Nature, Golden Retrievers, and school. With several new friends. What a good one.

View of Rangitoto.

Touching the Sky Tower

Sweet stunt planes visible from atop Mt. Hobson!

Oh, and to top the day off, we talked about neurosurgery in Biopsych today. :-D You may well know how I feel about that kind of thing; if not, well... I find it absolutely fascinating! And then we talked about drugs and addiction, which was quite interesting as well. I must note that my professor is quite ridiculous for this class... I generally sit there and take note of the random, strange, and sometimes rather disturbing things that he says... and sometimes I even write them down! For instance, my notes read from today's class as follows: "I continue to persevere because, well, I am a rebel." In another instance, "I think I don't mind animal testing because I have become morally bankrupt." And numerous other references to locations of magic mushrooms and the such... He certainly keeps the class entertaining!

And... in Pacific Music and Dance! I actually shook my hips the right way today for the first time!! That's something to celebrate, let me tell you! We had to perform in small groups (mine being the smallest, go figure...) in front of the rest of the class (about 94 people in total). It was quite intimidating at first, but had fun! Then we worked on our chant to be performed prior to the dance. Sweet as!

Performing our Cook Islands Dance!


As you can tell, it was quite an eventful day! Moving on...

My homestay mother has been away to Wellington with her work for the past few days. I've been out and about, so it hasn't been too bad. Actually, not bad at all. Missed home for a bit a few days ago, but it's super amazing to be able to SKYPE often!! :-) I also enjoy talking to you all back home via Facebook chat. Thanks for letting me know how things are going in your life as well as checking up on me! I love to hear from you!

That is all for now! The Brazilian couple is fixing dinner (fish filets!) and I am going to socialize with them. (*Note: The Brazilian girl showed me pictures of her dogs, family, and friends from back home! Very exciting, as she has been quiet since they arrived. She is super sweet, though!)

Bay of Islands this weekend with my friend, Sarah, from Germany! Certainly excited! Updates soon.

G'Night, friends! <3>

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