Monday, March 2, 2009

Music, Egyptians, and Newmarket

Oh, the lovely beach. :-) Mission Bay is amazing! Relaxed there the past two days and have had a wonderful time! There was a SWEET Jazz Festival that we stumbled upon (or, rather, that stumbled upon us while at the bay) last night! There was an awesome high school ska-ish band called "Grammaphone" performing, so that was neat as well! On another note, hopefully I will learn to windsurf sometime before the summer comes to an end!

Now in my new home, which is also great! Marg, my new homestay mother, is quite unique and very compassionate. She has already lent me some shoes and wants to do whatever possible to help me see the city as a local. Visited the top of Mt. Eden; incredible view of the city and a great help in orienting myself in Auckland.

First day of classes at the Uni today! Only had one class: History of Ancient Egypt. Pretty boring with only introductions and such... But at the end, the professor (who is American or such) left the room and a mummy walked in from the back... down the aisles and all! This dude was advertising for the Egyptology Club on campus! The whole thing was quite amusing, really! :-) That's about all for classes today; lunch with lovely friends, then to the beach! A wonderful, relaxing day.

G'Night for now! Miss you all. <3

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